Johnson Evinrude 3 Blade Prop Propeller 13.5′ x 15′


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Johnson Evinrude 3 Blade Prop Propeller 13.5' x 15'

Johnson Evinrude 3 Blade Prop Propeller 13.5' x 15' Rating:
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Product Description

V4 Aluminum 15RH, 3 blade, 13 1/2" Diameter, 15" Pitch, Standard Rotation, Evinrude/Johnson aluminum props are die cast with a custom aluminum alloy to give them greater strength and longer life than ordinary propellers made by aftermarket manufacturers. Evinrude/Johnson's precision die casting process ensures that each blade has been manufactured to the same precise weight, pitch, and diameter specifications. This means virtually vibration free performance. Many of the Evinrude/Johnson Propellers for Evinrude and Johnson outboards are speed cupped for better top end performance. Special baked-on corrosion resistant paint gives added protection against salt water and galavanic corrosion. Aluminum props feature a 3-year limited warranty. Available for V4 and V6 sized prop shafts. Please ensure that you select the correct propeller size for your application. Contact your local Evinrude E-TEC dealer if you are unsure or need a recommendation.


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